Dr. Andrew Milson specializes in historical geography, human geography, and geography education. He is currently studying nineteenth-century travel narratives and the acquisition of geographical knowledge in Jeffersonian America. He is specifically interested in colonial discourses, national identity formation, and cultural encounter. Dr. Milson has published extensively in the field of geography education with a focus on teaching and learning with Geographic Information Systems (GIS). His articles have appeared in journals such as Journal of Geography, Social Education, Journal of Educational Research, and Theory and Research in Social Education. His books include International Perspectives on Teaching and Learning with GIS in Secondary Schools (2012), American Educational Thought: Essays from 1640-1940 (2010), and Digital Geography (2008). He has also published textbooks, readers, and curriculum materials with National Geographic Learning.

  • 1999 - PhD in Social Science Education and Geography, University of Georgia
  • 1995 - ME in Secondary Education/Geography, University of North Texas
  • 1993 - BA in Secondary Education/Social Science, University of North Texas

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Phone: 817-272-2861

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