Jessie Maye Smith (1907-2005) was known as "The Bird Lady of Tarrant County." While accompanying her husband on a fly-fishing trip, Jessie Maye saw a red bird she knew was not a cardinal. Her efforts to identify the bird spawned a life-long passion for birding and conservation.

At the urging of friends, she began writing articles about birds. From October 1953 through October 1974, her weekly "Birds and Watchers" column was a regular feature in the Sunday edition of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Although Texas birding was usually the topic of her columns, Mrs. Smith discussed birds from all over the United States, Central America and the Caribbean.

Following her death in 2005, the estate of Jessie Maye Smith gave her collected Star-Telegram tear sheets to The University of Texas at Arlington Library Special Collections. In addition, Mrs. Smith's nephew, Charles Cooke, donated his digital scans of her tear sheets and columns forming the basis of this digitization project.

The University of Texas at Arlington Library is proud to present Jessie Maye Smith's columns in their entirety.