Recent Submissions

  • Integrity first : West Point and John Goolsby 

    Quick, James Campbell (2012-01-30)
    “Character” is a defining feature of West Point and of John Goolsby. The current West Point-Goolsby exchange began in 2007 and evolved into the collaboration of 2011. We found it a challenge to define and measure character, ...
  • Alternate energies: nuclear and beyond 

    Ray, Asok (University of Texas at Arlington Library, 2012-01-30)
    The University of Texas at Arlington supercomputing facilities and the Texas Advanced Computing Centre at Austin are conducting simulations to test the atomic level behavoir of uranium, plutonium, and other radioactive ...
  • The Mexican struggle for independence from Spain, 1810-1821 

    Richmond, Douglas (University of Texas at Arlington Library, 2012-01-30)
    Just as patriots in the United States, Mexican rebels initially sought local autonomy rather than independence. After two priests initiated regional insurrections, the war for independence often became local conflicts ...