Recent Submissions

  • Analysis of Tax Capacity and Tax Effort of Texas Counties, 1980-1993 

    Hissong, Rod, Ph.D. (University of Texas at Arlington, 1996)
    Texas counties vary dramatically across socio-economic factors. They range in population from 127 in Loving County to 2.9 million in Harris County. Population densities range from less than one person per square mile to ...
  • Summary Results of a Survey of Economic Development in Texas Cities 

    Taebel, Delbert A, Ph.D.; Hissong, Rod, Pd.D. (University of Texas at Arlington, 1994-11-01)
    Economic development is the new kid on the block in city government. If one looks at any textbook on municipal administration published more than 10 years ago, economic development as a city function would not even have ...