Recent Submissions

  • Emerge 2014: A Showcase of Rising and Evolving Talents in Kiln-Glass 

    McGregor, Lani; Moles, Kathleen; Nachison, Emily; Yood, James (Bullseye Glass, 2014)
    Bullseye's eighth international exhibition for emerging artists in kiln-glass, documented in an elegant full-color catalog. Artist statements and bios of winners and finalists. Plus Evolve, a section celebrating three ...
  • Walking the Walk: Iterative Design in Student Service Learning Projects 

    Chivers, Morgan; Musick Peery, Katie (Higher Education Makerspaces Initiative (HEMI), 2017)
    “Iterative design” is a buzzword bandied about more liberally than its principles are employed; what happens when we embrace intelligent risk-taking and empower students with legitimate agency to solve the myriad struggles ...
  • List of Maker Competencies, Including Preamble and Acknowledgments 

    Wallace, Martin K.; Peery, Katie Musick; Trkay, Gretchen; Chivers, Morgan; Radniecki, Tara (University of Texas at Arlington Libraries, 2018-12-21)
    Maker competencies are the skills, talents and dispositions that one acquires or improves upon while problem-solving and working on projects in makerspaces or similar learning environments. However, while learners can ...
  • Makerspaces Empowering Graduate Student Research 

    Chivers, Morgan (American Library Association, 2018-10)
    Graduate students are critical stakeholders for academic libraries. As libraries continue to reinvent themselves to remain relevant, spaces, services, and instruction targeted specifically for the needs of the graduate ...
  • Intentionally Cultivating Diverse Community for Radically Open Access Makerspaces 

    Musick Peery, Katie; Chivers, Morgan (Higher Education Makerspaces Initiative (HEMI), 2018-08)
    Academic makerspaces which are discipline-agnostic face the daunting task of trying to meet the needs of a humbling array of approaches to inquiry while maintaining a sustainable and safe environment for making. Establishing ...
  • Scaling the DIY Approach: Do-It-Together with Student Service Learning 

    Chivers, Morgan (Higher Education Makerspaces Initiative (HEMI), 2017-09)
    This paper endeavors to reflectively analyze the process of building a fleet of large, durable tables with student workers’ labor, primarily using the tools in our FabLab. Exploring causalities between experiences gained ...
  • [Interview with] Morgan Chivers 

    Chivers, Morgan (Artpress, 2014-10)
    "I put a lot of effort into the research component of each piece. I've developed strategies to intentionally load my brain with information on topics I'm interested in making work about while experimenting with materials ...
  • 3D Printing Processes Applied to the Creation of Glass Art 

    Chivers, Morgan (Journal of International Education and Leadership, 2015-05)
    The work presented in this paper is intended to push the development of a bridge between the two methodologies of glass and digital fabrication; the possibilities at this nexus are tantalizing, and there is no shortage of ...
  • Maker Competencies and the Undergraduate Curriculum 

    Wallace, Martin K.; Trkay, Gretchen; Peery, Katie Musick; Chivers, Morgan; Radniecki, Tara (Higher Education Makerspaces Initiative, 2018-08-04)
    The University of Texas at Arlington Libraries was awarded a $50,000 planning grant by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) for FY 2017-2018 allowing us to develop a pilot program to explore course integration ...
  • Making Maker Literacies: Integrating Academic Library Makerspaces into the Undergraduate Curriculum 

    Wallace, Martin K.; Trkay, Gretchen; Chivers, Morgan; Peery, Katie Musick (The Higher Education Makerspaces Initiatives (HEMI), 2017-09-26)