I have studied sociology in the US and abroad. I also studied English and psychology at Baldwin-Wallace College, then sociology and Cleveland State University. I also studied Social and Political thought at the University of Warwick in Coventry, England under the late Gillian Rose. I approach sociology with a blend of theory and statistical methods, which I incorporate into my teaching. I am active in professional conference circles as well, having presented at the Crimes Against Children conference in 2016, and the TAASA conference in 2017.

My current interests include anti-bullying campaigns through the sociology of the arts and photography. I am also incorporating this into Open Educational Resources for students worldwide. This is funded in part by the UTA CARES OER Grant which I was awarded this year. My research currently focuses on representing and giving a voice to those who have been ostracized for personal decisions as silly as grooming habits, hairstyles, or even body types. It is my sincere wish that these research efforts will foster a positive representation of body images across the board, and therefore help to dismantle bullying online and elsewhere.

Additional interests include social thought, research and also social solidarity. Specifically, explorations into the mechanisms that impel people to help others, to relate to others and to build healthier and healthier societies.

In June of 2017, I was awared a grant to develop Open Education resouces for sociology students. I will be supplementing a textbook which is not only free to students, but also welcomes contributions from social science professionals across the academic community. To date, this effort has saved students nearly $50,000 in textbook and course related costs.

I will be adding audio visual in the form of podcasts, interviews and videos. I would also like to incorporate Native American culture as well. I plan to take some photographs to incorporate in the supplemental materials, and also incorporate some interviews with folks involved in Native American culture. Maybe even some videos!

My background is in psychology and sociology. I have served at several different colleges through the years as I have moved to do consulting work at several large companies. I have been educated here in the US as well as in England, where I read Social and Political Theory under Gillian Rose.

  • 2016 - M.A. in Psychology (Sociology), Cleveland State University,Cleveland
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