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dc.contributor.authorReed, Michelle
dc.contributor.authorPitt, Beck
dc.contributor.authorde los Arcos, Bea
dc.contributor.authorWeller, Martin
dc.description.abstractWhilst the definition of open educational resources (OER) is now relatively static with key descriptions such as the 5R’s (Wiley, 2014) or the definition developed by UNESCO (no date) being frequently referenced, how we define open educational practices (OEP) is more varied and is still under development. Definitions to date recognise that OEP is more than just the practicalities of creating OER for example (McGill 2013) whilst projects such as Opening Educational Practices in Scotland (OEPS) highlight the ethos of “social justice” as being a central driver of OEP (OEPS, no date). In this session we examine the meaning of OEP in three stages. First, we review examples of OEP in the Scottish context that have been documented as part of research carried out by the OER Hub ( as part of the OEPS project ( and Second, we recontextualise these examples and examine them within the international context, through the use of exemplar case studies from around the world. Finally, we present an emerging framework of open practice based on our research to date. The aim of the framework is to systematically reflect on, analyze and present different facets of international open practice whilst simultaneously contributing to the development of the meaning of open practice and OEP. In short this session aims to further develop a definition of OEP through a systematic analysis of international open practices. It will also explore where open makes a difference to practice and what kind of ethos, if any, underpins how we understand openness. (Presentation at OER17 in London, UK.)en_US
dc.rightsAttribution 3.0 United States*
dc.subjectopen educationen_US
dc.titleExploring International Open Educational Practicesen_US

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