Dr. Jin is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Physics, University of Texas at Arlington (UTA). Prior to this position, he held faculty positions as research assistant professor at UTA and instructor at UCD. He has extensive research experience in medical imaging (emission and transmission tomography and magnetic resonance imaging), spatiotemporal data reconstruction and processing, and mixed-signal circuits/systems. His research interests are in 1) image science including models, reconstruction, processing and assessment; 2) machine learning and data mining; and 3) applying mathematical methods and physical principles to solve practical problems, particularly in medical physics and space physics..

  • 2007 - Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Illinois Institute of Techology
  • 2001 - M.E. in Communication and Information System, Peking University
  • 1997 - B.S. in Space Physics, Peking University
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