Dr. Michael E. Young, Associate Dean for Research and Director for Nursing Research, College of Nursing.
"I have authored or co-authored more than 300 publications including published, articles, abstracts and reviews, and have presented more than 250 papers at national and international conferences. Most of my work has been in adolescent health or in sexuality related issues. I have co-authored award winning curricula concerned with both adolescent sexuality and drug education. I have conducted training workshops in more than 30 states and several other countries. I have served as an outside evaluator on projects from the east coast to Alaska, with projects involving public schools, medical schools, police departments, and other community agencies. I have given testimony before state legislatures and gave a deposition on a case (with U.S. Justice and ACLU) that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court."

  • 1975 - Ph.D., Health Education, Texas A&M University
  • 1974 - M.Ed., Health, Physical Education & Recreation, University of Arkansas
  • 1972 - B.A., Biology/Health & Physical Education, Southwest Baptist College
  • 1970 - A.A., Biology, Bacone College

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E-Mail: meyoung@uta.edu
Phone: 817-272-7384

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Recent Submissions

  • An Evaluation of an Abstinence-Only Sex Education Curriculum: An 18-Month Follow-up 

    Denny, George; Young, Michael (American School Health Association, 9/15/2006)
    The article examines the results from an 18-month follow-up evaluation of an abstinence education curriculum series. Participants were students from 15 school districts recruited to participate in the project. The ...
  • Predictors of Sexual Satisfaction: The Role of Body Image and Fitness 

    Penhollow, Tina M.; Young, Michael (The Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, 10/15/2008)
    A satisfying sex life is an important element of overall health and quality of life. The media plays an important role in shaping adolescents’ physical appearance ideals and promoting a “perfect body” to the young as a ...
  • Impact of Recreational Sex on Sexual Satisfaction and Leisure Satisfaction 

    Tina M. Penhollow; Anne Marx; Michael Young (Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, 3/13/2010)
    Background : Recreational sexual activities, or sexual behaviors purely for enjoyment, are occurring among college students. Purpose: The purpose of this study was to determine whether recreational sexual behaviors impact ...
  • Lessons from the trenches: Meeting evaluation challenges in school health education 

    Young, Michael; Denny, G.; Donnelly, J. (American School Health Association, 2012-01)
    BACKGROUND: Those involved in school health education programs generally believe that health-education programs can play an important role in helping young people make positive health decisions. Thus, it is to document ...