Brad Gulliford grew up in southeastern Pennsylvania, United States, and enrolled at Haverford College. After his first year (including calculus and chemistry) and summer working in a chemical R&D lab, he was involved in an auto accident, suffering a serious brain injury. Forced to switch majors (while continuing coursework in chemistry, molecular biology, and mathematics), he turned to his interest in Russian culture, spending a summer in advanced training at the Pushkin Russian Language Institute in Moscow. He entered the Information Resources Management program at the Syracuse University School of Information Studies, where he learned to analyze information use by individuals and organizations. In choosing employment, he turned to libraries because that's where the information is. At United Technologies Corporation information services, he worked in the subject domains of engineering and business, and experienced the corporate culture as well as change management successfully converting information service to a virtual model. After corporate executives disbanded library services, he came to The University of Texas at Arlington Library as an Information Content Specialist, the first to specialize in science and engineering. After proposing a library service of educating and supporting the rising role of data in science as well as other fields, he was assigned a position in curating data sets, both internal and public.

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