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    • Absolute Minimization by Supercomputer Computation 

      Greenspan, Donald (University of Texas at ArlingtonDepartment of Mathematics, 1987)
      Numerical methodology is developed for approximating the absolute minimum of a function or a functional. Only simplistic numerical techniques are introduced and explored. CRAY X—MP/24 computer examples are described and discussed.
    • Accurate Quasi-Quantum Mechanical Numerical Methodology 

      Greenspan, Donald (University of Texas at ArlingtonDepartment of MathematicsDepartment of Mathematics, 1990-10)
      A quasi-quantum mechanical method in which energy is determined by quantum mechanics and motion by Newtonian mechanics is studied by combining it with numerical methodology which conserves energy exactly at each time ...
    • Adaptive Nonparametric Distribution-free Procedures In Factorial Data Analysis 

      Ferim, Richard Nzagong (Mathematics, 2010-03-03)
      Many statisticians have questioned the basic assumptions about underlying models which might dominate the analysis of the data in many cases. The assumption of normality without much thought is of concern to a growing group ...
    • Advancements And Applications Of Nonstandard Finite Difference Methods 

      Wood, Daniel
      A class of dynamically consistent numerical methods are analyzed for general n-dimensional productive-destructive systems (PDS). Using this analysis, a methodology for constructing positive and elementary stable nonstandard ...
    • Agent-based mathematical modeling as a tool for estimating T. cruzi vector-host contact rates 

      Kribs, Christopher M.; Young, Kamuela E.; Mubayi, Anuj (ElsevierDepartment of Mathematics, University of Texas at Arlington, 2015-11)
      The parasite Trypanosoma cruzi, spread by triatomine vectors, affects over 100 mammalian species throughout the Americas, including humans, in whom it causes Chagas’ disease. In the U.S., only a few autochthonous cases ...
    • An Algorithm for Finding the Generalized Nucleolus of a Finite Set and the Multiobjective Discrete Programming Problems 

      Dragan, Irinel C. (University of Texas at ArlingtonDepartment of Mathematics, 1982-03)
    • Allocations to Discriminated Players in Discriminatory Von Neumann-Morgenstern Solutions 

      Heijmans, J. G. C. (University of Texas at ArlingtonDepartment of Mathematics, 1991-08)
      Von Neumann-Morgenstern solutions (stable sets) for cooperative sidepayment games are notoriously difficult to find. This paper provides guidelines on how to find discriminatory vN-M solutions and exhibits some difficulties ...
    • Alternative transmission modes for Trypanosoma cruzi 

      Kribs, Christopher (American Institute of Mathematical SciencesMathematics Department, University of Texas at ArlingtonMathematical and Computational Modeling Sciences Center, Arizona State University, 2010-07)
      The parasite Trypanosoma cruzi, which causes Chagas’ disease, is typically transmitted through a cycle in which vectors become infected through bloodmeals on infected hosts and then infect other hosts through defecation at ...
    • Am I too fat? Bulimia as an epidemic 

      Kribs, Christopher; Gonzalez, Beverly; Huerta-Sanchez, Emilia; Ortiz-Nieves, Angela; Vazquez-Alvarez, Terannie (ElsevierDepartment of Mathematics, University of Texas at Arlington, 2003)
      For at least the past ten years, eating disorders have had a major impact in the physical and mental health of women, particularly young women. Anorexia and bulimia nervosa are closely linked eating disorders. Anorexia ...
    • Analysis And Simulation In Neuron And Fibrosis Models 

      Perez Gonzalez, Humberto D. (Mathematics, 2009-09-16)
      In this work, we use analysis and numerical simulations to study the change of collective behaviorof two synaptically coupled square bursting systems, the effect of noise inan elliptic bursting system and foreign body ...
    • An Analysis of Stress Wave Propagation in Slender Bars Using a Discrete Particle Approach 

      Greenspan, Donald; Reeves, W. R. (University of Texas at ArlingtonDepartment of Mathematics, 1980-12)
      In this paper, a discrete particle approach is developed for the quantitative analysis of stress wave propagation in metal bars. Though linear forces are emphasized, nonlinear forces are also considered. Cylindrical, ...
    • Analytical and Numerical Studies on the States of Ions and Atoms 

      Greenspan, Donald (University of Texas at ArlingtonDepartment of Mathematics, 1985)
      A speculative model is described which refines and extends the method of Bohr to various atoms and ions which have four or fewer electrons. The results for ground, single, and multiple excited states are of unexpectedly ...
    • Applications And Adaptations Of A Globally Convergent Numerical Method In Inverse Problems 

      Rhoden, Aubrey (Mathematics, 2013-07-22)
      In our terminology "globally convergent numerical method" means a numerical method whose convergence to a good approximation of the correct solution is independent of the initial approximation in inverse problems. A numerical ...
    • Applications Of Cubical Arrays In The Study Of Finite Semifields 

      Aman, Kelly Casimir (Mathematics, 2014-09-17)
      It is well known that any finite semifield, S, can be viewed as an n-dimensional vector space over a finite field or prime order, Fp, and that the multiplication in S defines and can be defined by an n x n x n cubical ...
    • Arbitrary Order, Hamiltonian Conserving Numerical Solutions of Calogero and Toda Systems 

      Greenspan, Donald; Marciniak, Andrzej (University of Texas at ArlingtonDepartment of Mathematics, 1990)
      For Calogero and Toda dynamical equations two numerical methods of arbitrary high order, conserving the Hamiltonian are developed. The methods consist of modifications of conventional polynomial extrapolation with the Gragg ...
    • An Arithmetic Computer Approach to Gas Dynamical Modeling 

      Greenspan, Donald; Wadia, Aspi Rustom (University of Texas at ArlingtonDepartment of Mathematics, 1979-01)
      Unsteady, two dimensional internal and external flows are analyzed using an arithmetic n-body formulation. A Lagrangian approach is used to study the internal shock formation in a shock tube and the external flows over a ...
    • Asymptotic Equilibrium of Ordinary Differential Systems in a Banach Space 

      Mitchell, Roger W.; Mitchell, A. Richard (University of Texas at ArlingtonDepartment of Mathematics, 1974-03)
      A differential system [see pdf for notation] where [see pdf for notation] has asymptotic equilibrium if 1) for any initial condition [see pdf for notation] the system has a solution [see pdf for notation] existing on and ...
    • Asymptotic Properties of a Nonlinear Diffusion Process Arising in Articular Cartilage 

      Mow, Van C.; Eisenfeld, Jerome (University of Texas at ArlingtonDepartment of Mathematics, 1977-01)
      There has been considerable effort put forth to analyse degenerative Joint diseases in terms of the principles of mechanics and hydrodynamics [8]. This effort has led to mathematical models which are systems of nonlinear ...
    • An Asymptotic Result in Forced Oscillations of Pendulum-Type Equations 

      Kannan, R.; Ortega, R. (University of Texas at ArlingtonDepartment of Mathematics, 1985-04)
      The forced pendulum-type equation is given by [see pdf for notation] where [see pdf for notation] is continuous and T-periodic and p(t) is[see pdf for notation] -periodic. When g(x) = a sin x, a > 0, we obtain the classical ...
    • Attractivity AMP Hopf Bifurcation 

      Salvadori, L.; Negrini, P. (University of Texas at ArlingtonDepartment of Mathematics, 1978-02)
      Consider the one-parameter family of differential equations [see pdf for notation] where [see pdf for notation] and [see pdf for notation]. Here [see pdf for notation] and [see pdf for notation]. Denoting by [see pdf for ...