Adrienne E. Hyle is professor of educational leadership and policy studies at the University of Texas at Arlington and is currently serving the College of Education and Health Professions as Chair of the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies and Associate Dean for Academic Partnerships and International Programs. She has over 25 years of experience as a faculty member researching and writing in the areas of leadership, organizational change, K-12 and higher education faculty and gender issues as well as international studies. She has over 30 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters in addition to co-authored books exploring the socialization of women faculty (From girls in their elements to women in science: Rethinking socialization through memory-work), international uses of the research method memory-work (Dissecting the mundane: International perspectives on memory-work), and women leaders in higher education (Women at the top: What women university and college presidents say about effective leadership). Currently, the influences of ties and their impact on the development of expertise in faculty and administrators as well as the developmental levels of gender awareness in the discipline of leadership focus her work. Additional interest in educational globalization have grown from her work with international doctoral cohort programs, two in Thailand and one each in the United Kingdom and Belize. She has advised and graduated over 85 doctoral students

  • 1987 - PhD in Educational Administration/Higher Education, Kansas State University
  • 1977 - MPhil in Italian Baroque Art, University of Kansas
  • 1974 - MA in Japanese Art, University of Kansas
  • 1972 - BA in Ceramics, Kansas State University

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Office: 105B Trimble Hall

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Recent Submissions

  • Procedural methodology for a grounded meta-analysis of qualitative case studies 

    Stall-Meadows, Celia; Hyle, Adrienne E. (Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd.Dept. of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, University of Texas at Arlington, 2010)
    University researchers conduct large numbers of case studies in the field of consumer studies each year and many are published in the research journals. Although illuminative and rich in description, qualitative data ...
  • What counts as knowledge in the small school district: Superintendent's thoughts about decision-making 

    Hyle, Adrienne E.; McClellan, Rhonda L.; Ivory, Gary (American Association of School AdministratorsDept. of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, University of Texas at Arlington, 2010)
    Based upon the words of small school-district superintendents, this article explores how superintendents might lead in these complex contexts. In national focus groups, thirty-five participants described their decision-making ...
  • Faculty tiering and academic inbreeding: one institution's relationships and realities 

    Hyle, Adrienne E.; Blanke, Debra J. (Oklahoma State University, 2000)
    "Like inbreeding, if the proliferation of faculty tiering is problematic for academe, this institution is promoting faculty tiering, but at a lower rate than national trends. But, inbreeding and faculty tiering appear to ...
  • No rookies on rookies: compliance and opportunism in policy implementation 

    Hyle, Adrienne E.; Mills, Michael R. (Ohio State University PressOklahoma State University, 2001)
    This case study analyzes implementation of an institutional policy restricting the use of graduate teaching assistants in freshmen-level instruction. Findings suggest units viewed implementation as a hierarchically determined ...